A quick guide to use Kaggle datasets inside Google Colab

  • Go to “Account”, go down the page, and find the “API” section.
  • Click the “Create New API Token” button.

This article explores nonlinearity and neural network architectures.

Linear Function vs. Neural Network

Linear Function vs. Non-linear Function

If w1 and w2 are weight tensors, and b1 and b2 are bias tensors; initially random initialized, following is a linear function. In Python, matrix multiplication is represented with the @ operator.

def linear(xb): 
return xb@w1 + b1

How to turn a linear function into a neural network?

def simple_net(xb):    res = xb@w1 + b1    res = res.max(tensor(0.0))     res = res@w2 + b2    return res

Take the output of the first linear function and do max operation between that output and zero, then put that output through…


What is Social Engineering?

Deceiving and manipulating human psychology to trick targets into taking actions on behalf of the attacker and then obtain sensitive information. Social engineering attacks don’t necessarily involve technology. It could be as simple as engaging in a conversation and exploiting human nature.

“ Hackers have been believing that Human Trust is the most vulnerable thing to exploit. ”

Common Social Engineering Methods:

I’m going to create a car type classification model using a custom dataset created from google images.


I collected more than 850 images from google images belong to three classes;
Sedan, Pickup, and Convertible. Since downloaded images contain some non-car images (images of text, people, etc.), I cleaned them first.

Faster ways to deploy fastai models

What does deploying a model mean?

The process of taking a trained machine learning model and making its predictions available to users is known as Model Deployment.

Since we are unable to deploy models using Colab, first train the model using the Colab and then deploy the model using the local machine.

Bear dataset: Grizzly, Black, and Teddy bears.

Bear Dataset

1.Train a Model
Train a model using the Colab notebook.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision (CV) is a subfield of artificial intelligence research that aims to develop techniques that enable computers to “see” and gain a high-level understanding of the content of digital images and videos.

What Does The Computer See?

Computers see pixels. The brightness of each pixel is expressed by a single number ranging from 0 (black) to 255 (white). These numbers are what software sees when we input an image.


Human Vision vs. Computer Vision

Computer Vision attempts to reproduce the capability of the human visual system that can perform with automatically extracting, analyzing, and comprehending useful information from a single image or a sequence of images.

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